Entera is focused on the development and commercialization of product candidates that leverage our proprietary technology for the oral delivery of large molecule therapeutics. Recently, drug development has shifted towards the use of peptides, proteins and other large molecules for the treatment of various diseases. By lowering the treatment burden on patients, oral drug delivery leads to higher patient and physician acceptance. In addition, oral drug delivery provides significantly more flexibility, both in size of dose and number of doses per day, than injectable drugs, which are frequently administered by preset injection pen and only once per day. Currently, peptides, proteins and other large molecule therapeutics can only be delivered via injections and other non-oral pathways because oral administration leads to poor absorption into the blood stream (bioavailability) due to enzymatic degradation within the gastrointestinal tract and poor permeability through the intestinal wall.

Our proprietary technology is designed to address both of these issues by utilizing a combination of a synthetic absorption enhancer, or carrier molecule, to facilitate the enhanced absorption of large molecules, and protease inhibitors to prevent enzymatic degradation.

Entera protects its intellectual property with a significant and growing patent portfolio.